After the Trip! TWB Reflections

TWB Reflections!

  •  “A 24/7 slumber party with 80+ best friends for 23 days” – Meredith Wright, Mooresville
  •   “A life changing journey across America with 80+ strangers that turn into family.” – Jayleigh Drewery, Vale
  • “Unforgettable, once in a lifetime trip to find out who you are outside your comfort zone.” – Olivia Mathew, Mooresville
  •  “The best decision I’ve ever made.” – Katy Shillingburg, Monroe
  •   “An unforgettable experience that expanded my admiration and love for my Heavenly Father.” – London Fleming, Mooresville
  •   “Give the trip time, the anxieties will move and the true beauty of the trip will show.” – Olivia Vero, Mooresville
  •  “An unforgettable trip across America with 80 new members that changed my life.” – Sarah Jamison, Belmont
  • “It was fun” – Savannah Smith, Cramerton
  •  “An amazing experience that helped me appreciate my own country so I can appreciate other countries also.” – Belle Hollifield, Cherryville
  •  “It’s okay to be scared but by the end you will never feel more loved by 80+ others” – Kylie Drake, Matthews
  • “One of the best experiences of my life with many new memories.” – Adolyn Rankin, Stanley
  •  “Great trip and even better friends.” – Zach Cline, Charlotte
  •  “In my life, I never would have thought I would find and make another amazing family like with the people I did on TWB.” – Kathryn Anthony, Gastonia
  •  “I’ve never had so many wonderful people during and after the 23 day trip of a lifetime. A 24/7 Sleepover!” – Kendall Setzer, Hickory
  • “An amazing and indescribable experience that you are going to have to just go and live for yourself”  - Caroline Clements, Denver
  • “Throughout this trip I have able to feel God again so I am beyond blessed to experience this so I can go home and be changed.” – Ashley Kostrzynski, Charlotte
  • “80 strangers who turned into family and traveling across this beautiful country was life changing and I’m forever blessed.” – Sophia Gotte, Belmont
  • “TWB was a great experience to expand my social circle while developing a new love for my country.” Emma Hughlett, Gastonia
  • “An amazing experience that helps you build strong relationships and break out of your shell.” – Anna Kirby, Newton
  • “Act like every night is your last night” – Caleb Swaim, Gastonia
  •  “It was a trip of a life time with my new family” – Meghan Carroll, Denver
  • “I met some amazing people and got to see how great our country is.” – Annabelle Pearson, Gastonia
  • “Oh how I wish I could do it all over again!” – Jackson Payne, Dallas
  • “This trip will change the way you look at life.” – Drew Zink, Sherrills Ford
  • “An unforgettable experience, I wouldn’t trade it for anything… Take me back already” – Emma Davis, Gastonia
  •  “The TWB experience is unique to earn individual it has taught me to take every opportunity, to branch out of my comfort zone, and to never compare myself to others.” – Emily McColl, Madison
  •  “I have never loved my country more than I have on this trip.” – Hannah Stroot, Wake Forest
  • “TWB was an experience I will never forget.” – OJ Bost
  • “An unforgettable experience to make 80+ new family members.” – Elizabeth Levine, Cherryville
  • “This experience is a great opportunity to meet new people and create new memories!” – Chase McLeod, Charlotte
  •  “Pretty great trip all around.” – John Ford, Charlotte
  • “It was fun.” - Reggie Larose, Pinehurst
  • “When you think you’ve seen it all, there’s always more in store.” – Alex Rote, Kittrell
  • “It is an indescribable experience.” – Jake Tranthem, Mooresville
  • “This trip should be on your bucket list!” – AJ Clemente, Mooresville
  • “A truly unforgettable experience, and 80 new family members too!” – Sam Turner, Marshville
  •  “23 days will feel like 23 hours so enjoy every single moment!” – Kayley Jayne Addis, Union
  • “80 strangers are now my BFF’s” – Jordan Laschinski, Troutman
  • “Being away from my parents and friends at home made me cling to Jesus, knowing he is always with me, and I am very thankful.” – Parker Riley, Gastonia
  • “Not only did I gain 80+ friends on TWB, but also a better and more positive outlook on life, and a new love for America.” - Avery Little, Denver
  • “TWB helped me see amazing places and amazing people.” – Kathryn Rosenberg, Mooresville
  •  “A trip full of overwhelming beauty and love, where you learn the true meaning of friendship as you experience America’s wonders (and great group hugs).” – Briana Pratt, Mooresville
  •  “It was scary at first but it turned out to be the best experience of my life” – Jenna Robinson, Salisbury
  • “There is no way to describe how much I’ve fallen in love with this trip and these people.” – Sarah Cloninger, Mooresville
  •  “It was like a dream in every way possible” – Imara Harrell, Mooresville
  • “The most unreal experience” – Rachel Webster, Raleigh
  • “Not only the people you meet but the places you go will be in your heart and mind.” – Kali Morton, Mooresville
  • “Breathtaking and once in a lifetime experience.” – Logan Kirkpatrick, Monroe
  • “Seeing the Grand Tetons was one of the highlights of my life” – Andie Toney, Reidsville
  • “I felt like everyone knew each other already on day 4” – Riley Niven, Holly Springs
  •  “This will be the best summer of my life.” – Grayson Tucker, Mooresville
  • “Pictures to no justice to the true beauty of our great country.” – Nicholas Andrews
  • “TWB allowed me to discover a newer, deeper appreciation for God, my country, and the people around me.” – Maddie Van Meter, Gastonia
  •  “Make the most of everyday and get a great group of close friends, they will turn into family.” – Bekka Myers
  •  “TWB is a once in a lifetime adventure, enjoy every second of it and the bonds that come along with it.” – Keegan Irby, Bessemer City
  •  “Make the most of every moment from the start and don’t let yourself regret not doing something.” – Georgia Queen, Dallas
  • “TWB is an eye opener, it helps you see the worls in a different way and made me become so thankfiul for everything I have and the country I live in… Trip 2 forever!!!” – Payton Ballard, Dallas
  • “You can’t really explain the experience you have because each is different, but enjoy it all because before long it’s over.” – Mary McCraw, Concord
  •  “The people around you are the most important part.” – Olivia Stewart, Iron Station
  • “The trip of a lifetime that includes 80+ new best friends, endless laughter, tears and memories.” – Gracie Bustle, Statesville
  • “You cannot begin to fathom just how much this trip can change your life.” – Joshua Gluch, Gastonia
  • “I got on the bus with 80 strangers and now I call them family and I’ve never gotten so close so fast. I love these people” – Lauren Simpson, Concord
  • “Even though the first few days felt a little slow, the trip as a whole has been absolutely incredible and I’m sure I’ll hold onto these memories for the rest of my life.” – Nathan Brown, Belmont
  • “I feel that this experience will help me put down my phone and go out and try new things.” – Bailey Dulin, Kings Mountain
  • “Get ready for an inspiring, patriotic, and moving exploration of America filled with corny jokes and friendships that will last forever.” – Foster Rouse, Gastonia
  •  “This trip has strengthened my faith in people, myself and God. The places we visited were cool too.” – Brooke Coggins, Kingsport
  • “No other program can show you America and yourself the way TWB does; The family and memories you make are irreplaceable.” – Alyssa Adams, Grover
  • “TWB is a life changing experience!” – Whitley Dockery, Bladenboro
  • “My appreciation for America has grown immensely and the close friendships I've made are better than I could have imagined. God works in miraculous ways and I would drop everything to do this trip again in a heartbeat." -Adyson Helms, Marshville 
  • “TWB is a trip ANY high school student will remember for the rest of their lives.” – Kaylee Jackson, Sanford
  • “It’s not just the places that make this experience life changing, it’s the people too.” – Julia Bailey, Union
  •  “Whatever you do…don’t blink or you’ll miss out on the experience of a lifetime!” – Samantha Valour, Belmont
  •  “I’m so grateful to have traveled across America with 80 new best friends and making thousands of memories.” – Lindy Sell, Gastonia
  • “TWB is a place where strangers become your friends and these become your family.” – Mallory Gardner, Gastonia
  • “This trip has opened my eyes to the beauty and diversity of the country and has made me proud to call America home.” – Clarice Atkins, Sanford
  • "Thank you TWB for fueling my appreciation for America, country music and Great Value brand." -Mary Charles Burke, Gastonia
  • "I originally wasn't looking forward to the trip at all. However, when I saw the Grand Canyon I saw not just how beautiful it was, but the people around me, the people that I met, I will never forget how they truly became family." -Adam Chu, Elkin 
  • "I love TWB! The best experience I have ever had. Now I have 80 best, long-life friends." -Lauren Hines, Union South Carolina
  • "They sent us west on a quest, you've seen the rest, but Trip 2 is the best." -Blake Teague, Indian Trail
  • "Oh where is my camera? I traveled all across America and made lifelong friends and memories that will continue to grow - but where is my camera?" Taylor Bostic, Gastonia

 Thanks for a great summer, TWB!! WE LOVE YOU! Cawwwww :) 

"Today is my moment and now is my story....I'll laugh, and I'll cry, and I'll sing!"

Day 23- Return

Day 23- Return 

Today we woke up at 6:30am…we got to sleep in!  Our alarm clock consisted of “What Does the Fox Say” and “Kung Fu Fighting”.  Thanks Grant! After loading our stuff and cleaning our campsite, we hit the road.  Everyone was uneasy to hop on the bus one last time.  The cooks made us a gourmet breakfast featuring cereal, little bite muffins, and cuties.  While we ate, we jammed to “Party in the USA” together, dreading having to say goodbye.  Later we had some ham and turkey sandwiches for lunch, delicious. We also had chips and cookies, the typical TWB sides.  Following some wild dance parties, we are now stopped at a Sheetz gas station for bus cleaning and refueling.  We will soon be on our way to a church outside of Mallard Creek to organize our things, and say our final goodbyes.  After that…HOME SWEET HOME! We cant wait to see you all at Mallard Creek at 5pm.

As we are passing by many familiar locations in NC, we realize that we are getting close to the end. Despite the amount of time we have left, the bonds in this family will last a lifetime, and we will never truly be apart. We love Teens Westward Bound and everything that this trip has given us. Thank you to everybody who has made it possible for us to travel this summer, especially the Deaton family. This was a trip that we will never forget, and the people that we will always call family. It's not goodbye, it's see you later. 

The last walmart trip and a few more purchases

sometimes, you're just so tired, you just have to fall asleep in Walmart 

Blogging for the last time 

Saying our TWB goodbyes before we head over to Mallard Creek to see our families 

Update: Thank you so much for keeping up with the blog. I had a blast this summer as my third time being a counselor and I could not have asked for a better group! Thank you for sharing your kiddos with me this summer. To my participants, I love you!! Keep in touch, this blog will always be here for you to remember your TWB memories. 

- Counselor Heather <3